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What is the difference between ffp2 mask and kn95 mask

Difference between ffp2 mask and kn95 FFP series is European standard, KN series is Chinese standard. The number behind refers to the protection ability, the larger the protection level, the higher the protection level. FFP2 Mask: European standard, masks have a filtration rate of 95% for particles with an average diameter of 0.4 μm KN95 Mask: Korean standard, which means that the filtration rate of masks for particles with an average diameter of 0.4 μm is greater than 95%. So from the perspective of protection and filtering ability, FFP2 is similar to KN95. Therefore, the ability of these two types of masks to prevent viruses is basically the same.

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The difference between breathing valve and non-breathing valve Kn95 mask: valve is better or no valve is better

The difference between kn95 with breathing valve and without

1kn95 masks with and without a breathing valve, the key difference between the two is the frictional resistance of breathing and the comfort of wearing, because if you wear a protective mask without a breathing valve, it will take a long time, and the calorific value will be reduced when breathing. Accumulation, the frictional resistance of breathing will expand, resulting in an uncomfortable feeling.

Generally, those with a breathing valve are more suitable for people with diffuse respiratory disease, heart disease or other diseases accompanied by breathing difficulties, which are beneficial to their physical and mental health.

Is kn95 mask with valve or without gate valve?

2 is actually the same.

In daily life, many people think that kn95 masks without a breathing valve are better, but in fact, kn95 masks can maintain the wearer with or without a breathing valve, and the actual maintenance effect is the same. A kn95 mask with a breathing valve can maintain the wearer's breathing. Since the breathing valve of the kn95 mask is unilaterally designed, the steam exhaled by the wearer is not taken care of, and the droplet infection or bacterial virus infection emitted by the wearer will spread to the surrounding according to the breathing valve, so the protection of the breathing valve is included.

If you can't guarantee whether you have Covid-19, or if there are other people in your daily life who have it, it's best to wear a kn95 mask without a gate valve.

How to prevent pollution of protective masks with breathing valve

3 is fine.

Most of the dust masks with breathing valves in daily life are kn95 and n95, which are made in accordance with the national industry standard GB 2626-2006 "Respiratory Protective Equipment Self-priming Filter Type Anti-fine Particulate Respirator". They are suitable for general self-priming filtering respiratory protection equipment for safe protection of various fine particles. The actual effect of this dust mask is very good.

How to detect whether the kn95 mask is genuine



Under all normal conditions, the kn95 mask has no odor, only the activated carbon mask has a light activated carbon aroma, and the rubber belt has no odor.

see packaging printing

All kn95 masks are laser-printed, and the copy marks are inclined at 45 degrees; the imitations are printing inks, which usually have uneven traces of printing inks.

See signage and QS verification

Kn95 masks are mainly domestically produced and are usually verified. Whether for use in China or for import and export, QS and Los Angeles verification is mandatory. Next, see if there is GB2626-200 on the package, which is the standard stipulated in my country.

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