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KN95 mask use method

KN95 masks are disposable masks and cannot be cleaned and used repeatedly. Repeated use will reduce their protective effect. The use time limit of kn95 masks is about 6 hours, and new masks need to be replaced immediately after 6 hours. The main function of kn95 masks is to protect the human body from the intrusion of the new coronavirus attached to the droplets, and also to protect the dust in the air.

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KN95 mask standard

KN95 masks are a Chinese alternative to N95 masks, and the US Centers for Disease Control said that KN95 masks are as effective as N95s and are one of the suitable alternatives. According to 3M, the world's largest mask maker, KN95s are equivalent to N95 masks and can be expected to function very similarly.
Although the actual effect of the two is the same, the KN95 is a disposable mask and cannot be washed. Repeated cleaning and use will reduce the ability to defend against viruses. The use time of KN95 masks is about 6 hours, and the protective effect will decrease after 6 hours, so it is necessary to replace new masks immediately.

KN95 mask function

KN95 masks can well protect the human body from the infestation of the new coronavirus attached to the droplets, and at the same time, it can also prevent microbes such as dust and bacteria in the air. Before wearing the KN95 mask, you need to read the instruction manual carefully to avoid infection caused by mistakes in the process of wearing.

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