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The winter of 2022 will be a cold winter with extremely low temperatures, which will usher in a sharp drop in temperature. Many people will buy some winter clothes early for heating in winter, and for heating in bed, many people will choose to lay electric blankets, do you know how to lay electric blankets? What is the correct laying method?

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How to lay the electric blanket

1. Put an electric blanket on the bed, first lay a mattress, then spread a quilt on top of the mattress, then put the electric blanket on top of the quilt, and then spread a layer of quilt on top of the electric blanket. Some people are afraid of the cold, so they can spread two layers of quilts under the electric blanket, and then discharge the heating blanket. Be careful not to directly contact our body, so another layer of bed sheets is needed.
2. The heating wire should be placed at the head of the bed close to the socket, so that it is very convenient to plug in the electricity, and the electric blanket cannot be folded, so the wire inside should be pulled well.
3. Some people have no sense of safety and will lay it directly on the bed sheet, thinking that it will conduct heat faster. But this method is very wrong. The electric blanket should be laid flat and placed between the sheets and the quilt, and not under the mattress, otherwise it will affect the heat transfer. If the temperature in some places is relatively high, it is likely to cause a fire.
4. When laying, you need to pay attention to the front and back of the electric blanket. There may be patterns on one side, which are basically the front.

What are the precautions for using electric blankets

1. The electric blanket must not be in direct contact with our skin, otherwise it may cause burns if it is too hot, and if the electric blanket has exposed wires, it will be fatal, so the electric blanket cannot be folded use, this will result in insulation.
2. Pay attention to maintenance when using the electric blanket. If it feels wet after use, there may be moisture, which may easily cause a short circuit and cause the risk of electric shock.

The above content specifically introduces how to lay the electric blanket. In short, it cannot be in direct contact with our skin. It can be placed between the sheets and the mattress to play an insulating role, and it can also transfer heat better, making us more comfortable when using it. Safe and reliable.

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Post time: Nov-30-2022