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Electric blanket, also known as electric mattress, is a kind of contact-type electric heating appliance. It incorporates a specially-made soft-cord electric heating element with standard insulation performance into the blanket in a coiled shape, and emits heat when it is energized.

It is mainly used to increase the temperature in the bed when people sleep to achieve the purpose of heating. It can also be used for dehumidification and dehumidification of bedding. It consumes less power, can adjust the temperature, is easy to use, and is widely used. It has a history of more than 100 years. There are new types of non-radiation electric blankets that have obtained national patents. Pregnant women, children and the elderly can use non-radiation electric blankets with confidence.

Data provided by the cross-border platform AliExpress shows that from October 2022, Chinese-made winter products such as electric blankets are being bought by European consumers.

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Types of Electric Blankets


Without signal wire

For ordinary electric blankets. The electric heating alloy wires used are linear, but more are wound in a spiral shape on a heat-resistant core wire, and a layer of heat-resistant resin is coated on the outside.

with signal line

Used in temperature-regulated electric blankets. The wire core is made of glass fiber or polyester wire, wrapped with flexible and flexible electric heating alloy wire (or foil tape), and covered with a nylon heat-sensitive layer or special plastic heat-sensitive layer, and then a copper alloy signal The wire is wound outside the heat-sensitive layer, and the outermost layer is coated with a layer of heat-resistant resin. When the temperature at any point on the electric blanket exceeds a predetermined value, the heat-sensitive layer on the corresponding heating wire changes from an insulator to a good conductor, so that the control circuit is turned on, the electric blanket is powered off, and the temperature control and safety protection are achieved. Purpose.

Ordinary electric blankets without signal wire type electric heating elements are used. If temperature control is to be achieved, two types of temperature control elements are generally provided: one is an overheating safety thermostat. Each electric blanket needs about 8 to 9 pieces, which are connected in series On the electric heating element, it plays the role of safety protection; the other type is the thermostat controller, which is located at the head of the bed or at the hand to adjust the temperature. Electric blankets that use electric heating elements with signal wires only require a thermostatic controller.

Advantages of electric blankets

Of course, the electric blanket also has its benefits. It has a good protective effect on people with rheumatism and can reduce the chance of their attacks.

In addition, electric blankets can also provide better care for the elderly or those who are particularly weak.

Disadvantages of electric blankets

1. Poor quality electric blankets may leak electricity if they are not maintained well after long-term use, so it is best not to use them when sleeping.

2. The electric blanket will keep the capillaries in a dilated state, and the water and salt in the body will be lost obviously, which is prone to dry mouth, sore throat, nostril bleeding, dry skin and constipation.

3. Electromagnetic radiation from electric blankets has a wide range of effects on human health. Electromagnetic radiation can cause continuous high-intensity microwave irradiation, which can accelerate human heart rate, increase blood pressure, accelerate breathing, wheeze, and sweat.

4. The child's physical vitality is relatively large. If you often use the electric blanket to get used to the heat of the electric blanket, the child's resistance to cold will decrease, and the immunity will also decrease, which will affect the growth and development. Therefore, it is not recommended to use the electric blanket for the child. .

5. The harm of electric blankets is also reflected in the fact that too high temperature will reduce the quality of sleep and make you feel sluggish after getting up the next day. In fact, sleeping electric blankets for a long time is not comfortable.

6. The electric blanket is a mechanical heating, which will destroy the balance mechanism of the human body, thereby increasing the blood pressure.

Health hazard

Who should not use electric blankets:

1. For patients with respiratory diseases such as bronchitis, bronchitis, emphysema and asthma, long-term use of electric blankets is easy to aggravate the condition;

2. Those with inflammation and allergies should not use it;

3. Patients with hemorrhagic diseases, such as gastric hemorrhage, hemoptysis of tuberculosis, ulcer bleeding or cerebral hemorrhage, etc., because the electric blanket will speed up blood circulation and dilate blood vessels, thus aggravating bleeding;

4. It is also not suitable for patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases;

5. Infants, pregnant women, men of childbearing age, etc. are not suitable to use electric blankets.

Although electric blankets have become a good helper against cold, with less power consumption, adjustable temperature, convenient and wide use, but pay more attention when using them! To ensure safety and health!

Safety common sense

In order to ensure the safety of using electric blankets at home, extend the service life of electric blankets, and prevent and avoid unsafe factors during the use of electric blankets, please pay attention to the following issues:

1. Before using the electric blanket, you should read the instruction manual in detail and operate in strict accordance with the instruction manual.

2. The power supply voltage and frequency used should be consistent with the rated voltage and frequency calibrated on the electric blanket.

3. Electric blankets should be strictly prohibited to be folded. In the process of using the electric blanket, you should always check whether the electric blanket is piled up or wrinkled. If there is, the wrinkle should be flattened before use.

4. Do not use the electric blanket with other heat sources.

5. If using a preheating electric blanket, it should be absolutely forbidden to use it all night, and the power should be turned off before the user goes to bed.

6. Babies and those who cannot take care of themselves should not use the electric blanket alone, and should be accompanied by someone.

7. Do not place sharp and hard objects on the electric blanket, and do not use the electric blanket on protruding metal objects or other sharp and hard objects.

Fire prevention

Pay attention to insulation

The elderly and infirm like to use electric blankets when the cold snap arrives. However, if the electric blanket is continuously energized for too long, if there is no constant temperature safety device, it is easy to cause a fire accident. In addition, the electric blanket is broken by rubbing for a long time, which can also cause a fire. To prevent the electric blanket from causing a fire, first of all, pay attention to insulation and prevent short circuits. If the electric blanket is damaged, it must not be disassembled and repaired at will, and a professional should be asked to repair it.

Use a tee plug

In order to avoid forgetting to cut off the power for a while, you can use a three-way plug, one end is plugged into the light, and the other is connected to the electric blanket. In this way, the electric blanket will be energized and heated up when the light is turned on at night, and the electric blanket will also be powered off when the light is turned off. It is best for children to sleep without electric blankets to prevent children from bed-wetting and electric shock. Electric blankets should be folded and damp as far as possible. When the electric blanket that has not been used for a long time is reused, it is necessary to carefully check whether there is any leakage.

power off

Once the electric blanket catches fire, first cut off the power supply, do not put out the fire directly with water, so as to avoid the short circuit of the line, and then try to put out the fire.

Shopping Tips

In winter, facing the bitterly cold weather, many people look forward to the comfort of the hot kang head. In modern life, the heated kang is basically gone, how can we enjoy the happiness of the heated kang? Electric blanket! Many people will think of it. Indeed, sleeping on an electric blanket in winter is like sleeping on a heated kang head. Electric blankets are already a must-have winter item in some areas where heating is not ideal or in the south. So how to choose an electric blanket, let's take a look at the tips for choosing an electric blanket.

1. Look at the logo. This is the premise of purchasing electric blankets, and it is also the safety guarantee for using electric blankets. Electric blankets must be products that have passed the inspection of relevant departments or units, and must have a certificate of conformity and a production license number that can be checked online.

2. Look at the power and use it as needed, which not only saves energy but also benefits your health. The power of the electric blanket is not as large as possible. It is best to decide according to the number of people. It should not exceed 60W for a single person and 120W for a double person.

3. Know the quality by feel. Good-quality electric blankets should be smooth and soft to the touch, and the fabrics should be free of stitches.

4. Look at the appearance. The power controller should be complete, smooth and free of defects, flexible to use, with clear switch marks, and the power cord used should be double-sheathed.

5. Select the intelligent energy-saving model. Choose the one that can be automatically controlled, save electricity, save trouble, and be safe and reliable.

6. Test before choosing. When the power is turned on, there should be no rustling sound in the mattress; after a few minutes, the hand feels hot when touching the electric blanket.


Because the baby is full of vitality, he usually sweats slightly at night. After using the electric blanket, the temperature of the quilt rises rapidly, which accelerates the baby's metabolism, and often sweats more. In addition, due to the increase in temperature, the temperature of the room remains the same, the inside is hot and the outside is cold, and after the cold air strengthens the stimulation of the baby's delicate respiratory mucosa, it is easy to cause the mucous membranes to dry out, resulting in dry mouth and sore throat. Therefore, sleeping on electric blankets for children is an incentive for repeated colds.

The heating speed of the electric blanket is fast and the temperature is also very high, and infants and young children are very sensitive to temperature, neither overheating nor too cold. If the electric blanket is used for a long time, the temperature in the quilt will rise higher, which will make infants and young children. Increased water loss, infants and young children may appear hoarse cry, irritability and other mild dehydration. In order to avoid this kind of situation, you can turn on the power before the child goes to bed to warm up, and then cut off the power in time when the child goes to bed.

If the child develops symptoms of dehydration during the use of the electric blanket, and has a cough and fever, parents should not be too nervous. They should give the child a glass of water and observe it. Generally, the child will calm down and return to normal soon. If the child is still irritable after drinking water, it should be sent to the hospital for treatment in time.

Related reports

As the weather gradually gets colder, electric blankets that increase the temperature quickly and keep warm have become the first choice of many consumers. However, when using electric blankets, you must pay attention to safety, especially the period of use, otherwise it will easily lead to accidents. The reporter saw on the outer packaging of the electric blanket that information such as product safety assurance technology, manufacturer contact information, and reference standards were marked one by one. After opening the outer packaging, the words "safe use period of 6 years" can be seen on the instructions for use, which is one of the reasons why customers ignore the use period.

The electric blanket should never be folded. When using the electric blanket, it should be laid flat under the sheets or thin mattresses, and must not be folded for use. The temperature of most electric blankets will rise to about 38 degrees Celsius after 30 minutes of power-on, so the temperature adjustment switch should be dialed to the low temperature file or the power should be turned off in time. If the electric blanket is dirty, do not wash or rub it in water, otherwise it will damage the insulation layer of the heating wire or break the electric heating wire. The electric blanket should be laid flat on the ground, brushed with a soft brush or dipped in some diluted detergent to gently wipe the dirty surface , then dipped in clean water to wash, and then use it after drying.

In September 2022, data from the General Administration of Customs showed that in July 2022 alone, the 27 EU countries imported 1.29 million electric blankets from China, a month-on-month increase of nearly 150%. [6]

Since 2022, the categories of home appliance products that have grown in exports to Europe mainly include air conditioners, electric water heaters, electric heaters, electric blankets, hair dryers, heaters, etc. Among them, electric blankets lead other categories with a growth rate of 97%.

How to avoid hazards

1. Learn to use electric blankets properly: First, the power-on time should not be too long, generally heating before going to bed, turn off the power when going to bed, and never use it overnight; second, people with allergic reactions should not use electric blankets; third Those who often use electric blankets should drink more water; fourth, electric blankets should not be in direct contact with the human body, and a layer of blankets or sheets should be placed on them.

2. In order to prevent accidents, the electric blanket should not be separated from people for a long time after it is powered on, and heavy objects should not be stacked on the electric blanket. Patient bedwetting, etc.

3. If the electric blanket is dirty, it cannot be washed with water or rubbed. You can only lay the electric blanket on the board and wipe it clean with a soft brush or dipped in some diluted detergent to gently wipe the dirty surface, then dipped in water to scrub, then Put it in a ventilated place to dry, be careful not to dry it with electricity.

4. If the electric blanket fails or the parts and components are damaged, please ask the manufacturer's maintenance point or professional technicians to overhaul it. Do not disassemble and repair it at will, and do not simply twist the broken ends of the electric heating wires together to prevent excessive contact resistance. Changes in the parameters of the resistance value cause overheating and lead to the risk of sparks.

5. Electric blankets used in soft beds such as sofa beds and wire beds must be foldable electric blankets. Usually, the linear electric blanket is sold on the market. This type of electric blanket is only suitable for use on a hard bed, not a soft bed. Otherwise, the heating element will be easily broken and an accident will occur.

6. When the electric blanket is stored and stored, it should be dried first and then stored in a round curled bag. Be careful not to fold in multiple layers, and not to squeeze or press heavily to prevent damage to the blanket body elements.

7. The normal service life of the electric blanket is 6 years. Do not "overage service". Use indefinitely may lead to safety hazards and easily lead to accidents.

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