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Purchased shoddy foot warmers, there may be odor, abnormal temperature control, extreme high temperature will cause burns, the general condition of the electric heater is basically no harm to the human body. Foot warming treasure is a kind of warming foot heating equipment, that is to say, sometimes used in winter, is unlikely to be used for 24 hours, generally all normal application of no harm to the human body.

If the feet are cold or cold, the whole body feels cold. You can cook hot ginger soup, remember to drink it while it is hot, and then lie on the bed with the quilt to keep warm. Especially after the wading shower foot cold people, more suitable for this method.

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The proper use of foot warmers 

Foot warmer and hand warmer principle is basically the same, before use, please use a good small funnel into the water injection port water injection, funnel into the bag, the water is a trickle, can be poured into the quilt or mineral water bottle, and then slowly injected into the small funnel, if the room temperature is low, it is recommended to use warm water, easy to enter the bag.

Foot warmer/foot warmer into the body of water can reach 90%, should not be too full, pay attention to not let the water into the power socket, so as not to light the light; After the tax is paid, it is necessary to grasp the water injection port, gently squeeze the bag body until the water overflows, and plug into the prepared stopper; Dry the surface and make sure there is no moisture in the electrical outlet.

After completing the above steps, shake the liquid in the body of the foot warmer/foot warmer, plug in the power to charge, pay attention to observe whether there is bulge phenomenon, if so, please unplug the power immediately, repeat the exhaust steps, if normal, heat again.


Of course, we recommend that you choose electronic under-desk foot warmers and office leg warmers, which are safer, more effective and more convenient.

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