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First of all, pet heating pads can be divided into heating pads for dogs, heating points for cats, heating pads for climbing pets, heating pads for chickens, etc., but general-purpose pet heating points can be considered.

There are the following differences between pet electric blankets (pet heating pads) and human electric blankets:

If it is used for the human body, it will be warmer, but for pets, the voltage and heat will be lower, and the animal doctor told me that it will reduce the dog's ability to resist cold.

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How to use a pet heating pad is the right way?

The electric blanket only serves as a warm-up function, and the same is true for electric blankets for pets. Before the cat or dog goes to sleep, it must be turned on to raise the temperature. When the pet sleeps, it reaches a certain temperature to about 40°C. When it is warm, it can be turned off. If the temperature is too high, their hair will be burnt.

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