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For customers who need orthopedic casting tapes, we offer a variety of fiberglass casting tape.Our fiberglass casting tape provides cast technicians with the best products to provide fracture management care to patients. We also offer a complete line of cast padding and other complementary products. The fiberglass mesh polyurethane formulation casting tape is engineered to resist impact and moisture.The casting tape is easy to unroll, making it versatile for all orthopedic applications. Ranging from width:5-15cm; length:30-360cm or customized, it comes in a variety of colors such as black, white and color custom.

  • Model Number: FBS-012
  • Material: fiberglass
  • Safety standard: GB15979-2002
  • Size: Width:5-15cm; Length:30-360cm customized
  • Color: White black Color custom
  • Feature: High Strength,Light Weight,Fast Curing,Breathable,X-ray
  • MOQ: 100pcs
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    Our fiberglass casting tape is made from lightweight fiberglass yarns that allow for a flexible yet rigid fit. The Cast Tape is secured with a slip agent surfactant for a plaster of paris-like sensation during working time for precise anatomical molding with high lamination between layers. The water activated polyurethane resin provides low tack properties allowing the use of your glove of choice. The Medical Cast Tape provides good pliability throughout the working time. Excellent lamination ensures strength and durability. Resin in the fiberglass makes it less tacky and easier to form and mold.

    Manufactured in the China, Fiberglass cast tape are made on our circular knitting machines utilize a rib knit construction which offers superior conformability and will not stretch out as seen with jersey knit materials. Yarns are specially selected to present an excellent hand (feel) when applied to the patient. This stretchy material wraps around the affected area, covering exposed skin and immobilizing the limb.

    Product Description

    Material Polyurethane/Polyester/Glass Fiber Non-woven Fabric
    Size 5cm*360cm, 7.5cm*360cm.10cm*360cm 12.5cm*360cm 15cm*360cm customized
    MOQ 50pcs
    Packing Aluminum foil bag for each product
    OEM&ODM Support
    Feature High Strength, Light Weight, Fast Curing, Breathable, X-ray Easy to Operate, Various Specifications


    1. Can be 20 times stronger and 5 times lighter than the traditional plaster cast

    2. Harden fast: Functional strength will be achieved in 20 minutes

    3. Good air-permeability, Water-proof, Good X-ray radiolucence

    4. Easy operating and no harm to patients

    5. Lightweight fiberglass yarns for a flexible and durable fit

    6. High lamination between individual layers

    7. Water activated polyurethane resin provides low tack properties

    8. Smooth surface

    9. Good conformability

    How to use:

    1. According to the different parts, choose the right specification

    2. Open the packaging and take out the splint, DIP in room temperature water at 2-3 seconds.

    3. Take out then pile out the excess moisture or use the dry towel for sucking.

    4. Use the splint to the fixed part which needs to covering, then can be enwind with a bandage.

    5. According to the need of plasticing.

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