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Fiberglass Splint for Fracture Brace | KENJOY

Short Description:

The Fiberglass Splint features a fast set time that is easily molded for a custom fit. The Lightweight Splint System is washable making it comfortable for patients to wear. Fiberglass splint contain everything a medical practitioner needs to set and maintain a splint. That should include built-in padding, which goes over the affected area tightly yet comfortably, and the self-adhesive bandages that attach it to the body. A splint is used more often on fractures, tendon injuries, and other soft-tissue injuries. Instead of surrounding the injured area like a cast, the splint supports the joint or injury on one side.

  • Model Number: FBS-018
  • Material: fiberglass
  • Safety standard: GB15979-2002
  • Size: Width:7.5-15cm; Length:30-115cm customized
  • Color: White black Color custom
  • Feature: High Strength,Light Weight,Fast Curing,Breathable,X-ray
  • MOQ: 100pcs
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    Splints can be applied to most fractures, dislocations and sprains. Splints may also aid in the immobilization of soft tissue injuries such as fingertip amputations and lacerations over joints where it is important to minimize tension or damage to the healing injury. Immobilization can decrease pain and bleeding as well as prevent further vascular, nerve, and soft tissue damage. Unlike casts, which are circumferential, splints allow for swelling in the immediate post-injury phase and can reduce the possibility of compartment syndrome. They can be used as the primary modality for immobilization during the healing phase of an injury and can be used temporarily until the swelling is resolved and a cast can be placed definitively.

    Product Description

    Material Polyurethane/Polyester/Glass Fiber Non-woven Fabric
    Size Width:7.5-15cm; Length:30-115cm  customized
    MOQ 50pcs
    Package Aluminum foil bag for each product
    OEM&ODM Support
    Feature High Strength, Light Weight, Fast Curing, Breathable, X-ray Easy to Operate, Various Specifications


    Product features

    Fast set time

    7 layers of fiberglass

    Molds to fit body contours easily



    Available in multiple sizes

    Convenient Use

    Allow Activity in Short Time

    In 20 minutes of application, patients can move.

    Its inside is fiberglass which is watersetting Poly-Urethane resin coated

    reliable orthopedic casting splint
    fiberglass splint application3
    fiberglass splint application
    fiberglass splint application1
    fiberglass splint application2
    fiberglass splint application4jpg
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