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Fujian Kenjoy Medical Supplies Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer that manufacture 3ply medical masks, Kn95 FFP2/FFP3 masks, under cast padding, bandage, wound dressing and other medical supplies products.

We has 30 fully Automatic FFP2/FFP3 Mask /Medical Mask Production Line with a total daily output of up to 2 million pieces. Our products are mainly exported to Europe market, Japan, Korea, Singapore and other counties. We pass GB 2626-2019, En14683 type IIR and En149 testing to get CE 0370 and CE 0099 certificate for exporting. We have established our own brand “Kenjoy” for our masks which is well selling all over the world.

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Quality FFP2 Masks Made in China

Protective respirator FFP2 maske with 2 active protective filtration layers from the China manufacturer KENJOY MASK. Perfect and effective protection against viruses, bacteria, dust and droplets. FFP2 NR protective level certified. Fits closer to the face for comfort & protection. 

Why Choose

  • Reliable Quality
  • Best Prices on Bulk Orders

1: We use raw materials certified by ASTM F2100, Oeko-Tex Standard 100, GRS, Reach, Rohs

2: We have our Own Non-woven Fabric Factory to product nonwoven for mask with 16 years of OEM&ODM Experience

3: Our mask Made in Medical Grade Dust-Free Workshop

4: Our Daily production capacity: 1 million pieces,Fastest delivery in 2-3 days.

5: Small qty requirement and free design service.

6: 24-hour online service, providing free samples for you.

1: We specialize in bulk quantities, as well as quick shipping. Whether you’re a restaurant owner, an airline or transit system employer, or the head of safety at a schools system or university, we’ve got you and your employees or students covered–literally — with our custom disposable face masks.

2: We offer personalized FFP2, FFP3 masks in multiple colors that can even be imprinted with your company logo or custom message. Simply select the mask you want, select the color, select whether you want it individually bagged , select your quantity, and contact us . It’s just that simple to get custom face masks, branded with your logo for all your employees and customers. The minimum order is 5000 masks, and we can fulfill orders of 5,000 in as little as 3 days for disposable face masks.

3: Order your custom face masks today!

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Solutions for
Face Masks Production

  • Medical And Hygienic-type Masks
    Medical And Hygienic-type Masks

    Surgical/Medical Masks Surgical/medical masks are different kinds of surgical masks: Type I, Type II and Type IIR (in Europe according to Directive 93/42/ EEC to be replaced by Regulation (EU) 2017/745); Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4 (in US according to FDA requirements) and class 1, class 2 and class 3 (splash/fluid resistant) in India according to IS 16289. Go to KENJOY Medical Masks

  • FFP2 And FFP3 Masks
    FFP2 And FFP3 Masks

    FFP masks protect against particulate pollutants such as dust, smoke and aerosols. They are available in the three protection levels FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3. These are standardised across the European Union according to EN 149:2001+A1:2009.

    Respiratory masks with higher protection levels filter more effectively and therefore can be used against more harmful substances and higher concentrations of contaminants. Go to KENJOY FFP masks


  • Materials For Mask Manufacturing
    Materials For Mask Manufacturing

    Meltblown: this is a polypropylene nonwoven, mask intermediate filter. The KENJOY in addition to being a manufacturer of FFP2/FFP3 masks manufacturs, also offers this type of material. With 5 production lines.

    Spunbond: another non-woven polypropylene used for exterior and interior layers, also solded by KENJOY. Raw material for the manufacture of protective masks. ensuring its proper functioning at high efficiency and quality of the final product. Go to KENJOY Melt Blown Fabric


Product Certification

KN95/FFP2 Mask 100% Made In China

  • China Made Quality You Can Trust
    China Made Quality You Can Trust
    We produce our own polypropylene Melt Blown Fabric. KENJOY has a full GMP laboratory with top of the industry lab and testing equipment for complete validation of its manufacturing processes.
  • Contact us
    Contact us
    Contact us via the Live Chat or email Kenjoy3@hzjhc.net with any questions, comments, or concerns! We will read your message and reply to you ASAP.

Wholesale Face Masks - CHINA Wholesale Supplier of FFP2 Masks

We do customize your orders as per your requirement, especially for large orders. We have FP2 face masks, FFP3 masks, KN95 masks, medical masks and disposable face masks for very low prices for bulk quantities! All the disposable face masks made in china. We can do any quantity! Contact us today to reserve your quantity!

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